Octopus Paper Plate Craft

Posted by Liberty

Octopus Paper Plate Craft

Lorie from Reading Confetti and her four-year old came up with this educational octopus paper plate craft that is a fun way to teach your little ones number recognition.  What better way to learn your numbers than from an 8-legged sea creature.

This craft is ideal for this Little Crafter
Preschooler (3-5 years old)

What you’ll need

  • paper plate
  • red paint
  • googly eyes (2)
  • 2 packs of numbered stickers (1-8) or a marker to write the numbers with
  • ribbon (gift wrap or other)
  • hot glue / glue gun
  • clothespins

How-to make this craft

  1. Start by painting a paper plate. Let it dry completely.
  2. Add googly eyes and draw on the mouth.
  3. Use the number stickers to label the places where the arms should go. (Tip from Lorie: You could also just write them on, but he loves stickers and I got a huge sheet of number stickers from the dollar store.)
  4. Hot glue some gift wrap ribbon or similar onto eight clothespins and put a number sticker on each of those.
  5. Then match up the numbers on the clothespins to the paper plate numbers.

Will you make this craft? Will you do anything differently?

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