Castle Project Made With Paper Rolls

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Castle Project Made With Paper Rolls

Castles are so majestic and unique, creating one with your kids will satisfy their love for building and using their imagination. Bonus for this castle project is that you can recycle paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls.

Project ideal for this Little Crafter
Preschooler and above

What you’ll need

  •  TP rolls
  • Kitchen rolls
  • An empty Lysol container (for the middle structure)
  • Construction paper
  • A big cardboard tray/ lid for base
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Cello tape

How-to make this craft

  1. Color the rolls and plan the layout. The Lysol can (colored) comes at the centre. You might have to cut a few rolls to create symmetry and structure. Use the cardboard as your base to hold the structure.
  2. Castle Project for Kids | Toilet Paper Rolls

  3. Create the tops for each of the pillars. Trace out a circle, it has to be at least 2 times the TP roll’s diameter. Cut into the circle at its radius to create the castle tops. Secure with a tape.
  4. Glue the tops to the pillars and let dry. Put the pillars together and build your castle.
  5. Add doors, windows and a few trees and bushes to create a scenery.
  6. Castle Project for Kids | Toilet Paper Roll

  7. You have your own castle.
  8.  Castle Projects for Kids | Toilet Paper Roll

Project and photos by BlogMeMom

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